House sitter and Pet sitter in Breyten, Mpumalanga


Hi, we offer house sitting and pet sitting. Book your house sitting now before the holiday starts.
Our rates are R120 per night - contact us at 0766 555 778 - Linda
Reason for booking your sitter are:
With all of the emphasis in the past few years on home security, many people consider this the most important part of their holiday.While it might not make the first story on the news, when your house is burgled, safeguarding your home soon becomes the most important issue in your world.
It can happen to anyone. Whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural area, you are a target of burglars.
The Options
Never underestimate the resourcefulness of an intruder.Simply locking your doors and windows isn?t enough. If you can think of a way to get into your home, surely someone who makes crime his living will be able to as well.
You also shouldn?t overestimate the resourcefulness of neighbors.Neighborhood watches are fine, but how many of your neighbors spend every hour you aren?t home watching your house? How would they distinguish between a furniture delivery and a robbery? Can you tell just by looking if someone is simply walking for exercise or casing houses for possible burglary attempts? Even houses less than a kilometer from police stations are easily robbed.
Home Alarms
A simple loud noise will not deter a criminal. Your neighbors are likely to turn up their televisions to drown out the sound. Battery and even electrically operated sound alarms are easily thwarted by criminals.
If you are going to use a home alarm, you should use a monitored system. When you decide between monitored home alarm systems, you generally have three choices ? a do-it-yourself system, a national monitoring system, and a local home security company system.
The do-it-yourself installation systems are by far the cheapest. You need a bit of technical know-how, and you need to know how an intruder enters. When you buy your own equipment, you have your choice of companies to monitor your system. Some systems let you program additional numbers to be called when the alarm is triggered, which isn?t as helpful as you?d think. By the time you or a neighbor is able to react and call the police, your burglar is usually long gone.
Monitored home alarm systems are definitely worth the investment, but you shouldn?t stop there.
House Sitters
Even if you have an alarm system, house sitters are invaluable.If you leave your home to go on holiday, your best defense is having actual people in your home.The majority of burglaries happen during the day while people are at work.Criminals will take the easiest route. If people are in their targeted home, they will move on to a house that appears empty.The problem with traditional house sitting services is that they simply make one or two trips to your home a day to collect mail, open curtains, water plants, and throw off criminals. That still leaves about 23 hours in the day that your home is vulnerable to intrusion or fires.
The best house sitting option is to have people living in your home. Having a house sitter also cuts down on preparation time and expenses before your holiday.You won?t have to have your mail stopped (all a criminal has to do is watch your postal carrier skip your house to assume you?re not home.), buy and set light-timers, or even board the dog.
The house sitter will water the lawn, take care of your mail, pets, and home while you?re away.I fact its like having a 'bodyguard' for your home while you're gone.
The Solution
The very best prevention you can implement is a combination of 24-hour home alarm monitoring and a house sitter if you are going to be away for any length of time.Don?t become a statistic.Start protecting your home today!