Debt Counselling / Skuldberading in Breyten, Mpumalanga

Debt Counselling / Skuldberading

Are you unable to keep up with all your debt?

Are you left with only peanuts at month end because of your Debt????

We can lower your monthly installments even if you are in arrears, this
includes your Bond, Vehicle Finance, Credit Card and any other
creditors that you may have.

We offer you:
Relief from over-indebtness;
Help to solve Debt Problems;
Help not to loose you assets;
Working out your budget;
Combining your Debt Obligations (one monthly payment);
Negotiating wiht creditors;
Bringing a Court Application;
Letus at LiquidiT Debt Counsellors help you
Sms "info" or phone Maggie on 083 637 4140 or